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Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss is a first-time author who embarked on a journey to honor the memory of his wife, Jenny, and their beloved Golden Retriever, "Shammy". "We Are Here" is his heartfelt tribute to them. ‌

An enthusiastic father to his 15-year-old daughter, Sam, and 17-year-old son, Tanner, Scott, along with his children, resides in Boulder, Colorado. Originally hailing from Long Island, NY, Scott currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Moment Balance Boards. He's also an avid adventure seeker, dedicating his time to skiing, mountain biking, and, more recently, playing Pickleball. ‌

"After Jenny's passing in 2015, I pondered extensively on how to honor her memory while staying true to myself. Jenny thrived during her days as an elementary school teacher. So, creating a children’s book based on an imagined story that I once shared with her seemed like the perfect tribute."

About The Book

We Are Here

This fantasy tale crafts a fun, yet meaningful spin on the everyday experiences between children and "man's best friend." Have you ever looked at your dog and asked, "Are you really just a dog, or is there something you're not telling me?" We Are Here gives us an extraordinary possible answer to that question! There are many hidden clues that hint at the surprise ending. See if you can spot them all! This celestial take on children's science fiction will entertain the whole family.


What Readers Are Saying

Verified Purchase I highly enjoyed this sweet children’s book. As someone who grew up in a home with dogs my whole life, I have always had a furry friend nearby and I related to the many sentiments that the author shared about dogs. I loved that the book featured reasons that made me laugh and cry. I also appreciated the author’s creative imagination that brought a science fiction twist to this 42-page book. The subtle winks shared by the pups throughout the pages made me smile and I loved the illustrator’s artistic talents in bringing the written story to life.
Erin D
A Delightfully Clever Story for Children
This book is so darn sweet and cute and funny! Kids and adults alike will love this ode to dogs as the author perfectly depicts and captures man's best friend's purpose- an unwavering, unconditional friendship. Through bad times and good, our pups are our true rocks. Our pets are so good to us, its almost "other worldly"! 😉
Gretchen Busse
Adorable Little Book Bursting with Love!
Great story with a positive message; colorful illustrations.
Amazon Customer
Fun Children’s Book